Monday 1 February 2010

Trading safety for fun: NZ Police edition

If your first reaction to this is "My two year old's smile would be big enough to crack his face", you're on my side of the fun/safety divide.
Even more encouragingly, while the newspaper's headline is about the shock and horror of it all, the comments thread has a lot more folks on my side of the line. Some nice comments:
MadMax (#180) I bet all the kids that went for a ride had a great time, they were helping to raise money for the school that benefited the kids and showing the kids that cops are humans too and not the enemy.

Perhaps it would have been better if the Police never interacted with the public and we wrapped every one in cotton wool...

Mike #174 10:24am
I agree with most of the commenst made, that this has been blown way out of proportion by the media, and if it was so bad why was it not out in the media when it happened. Maybe Mr MacGregor has a vendetta againt the police, or is he just a real kiljoy. Anyway he has received his 2 minutes of fame, even though he has made himself look like a dork. I hope the Police do more demos like this to help with fundraising, me and my kids would definitly line up for the experience. Good on the police involved for providing a bit of fun.
Put this on the "I love NZ" side of the ledger.

HT: Standard.

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