Friday 23 April 2010

Best meta evah!

Mitch Hall points to the best Downfall parody ever: Hitler upset by the copyright infringement notices against the Hitler Downfall parodies.

Hitler reacts to the Hitler parodies being removed from YouTube from Zacqary Adam Green on Vimeo.

I've embedded it here, but if it goes dark, do check Mitch's site as he's more likely to be keeping it updated. He also usefully points to YouTube's weighing in on fair use, parody, and the Hitler mashups.

The folks who made Downfall have to know that they've earned tons of free publicity from the parody videos and that millions who otherwise never would have watched the movie found out about it via these parodies. Either they're complete idiots in wanting them taken down, or they're reckoning that the additional publicity from the take-down notices is worth the reduction in parody videos.

Of course, Peter Cresswell presumably will refrain from watching the video above as the owner of copyright wishes that his IP not be used in this way. Sorry you're missing out, Peter; this one's hilarious.

Update: That last bit wasn't entirely fair. Peter supports fair use provisions.

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