Friday 2 April 2010

Seasteading sabbatical someday...

Seasteading nicely covered in Prospect:
How about a seastead-based university? It could start as a boarding school but quickly add undergraduate courses in, say, engineering, aquafarming and oceanography. Later it could become a fully fledged global brand—the nucleus for a Stanford-like university town, complete with high-tech spin offs and sea-related enterprises. The venture could perhaps cater to a particular developing nation and be staffed by teachers from that country, or from nations sharing a similar culture. The unapologetic intention would be to create an elite network whose members, by virtue of a shared education, could effectively lead their home country towards a better future.
So, the only question then is whether the Seastead will be running 7, 14 or 21 years from now? I'd love a Seasteading sabbatical. Patri, make it happen!

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