Sunday 9 May 2010

Lousy fixed costs

Cowen told me New Zealand would teach me the importance of fixed costs.

And so I cannot order this. Bigby's Crushing Thirst Destroyer?! Sigh. They'd otherwise have replaced my giant Lord of the Rings water cup for lecturing next semester...

You folks who take Amazon free shipping for granted back Stateside, please stop doing so. Relish that surplus.

HT: BoingBoing


  1. What grings my gears is not being able to buy legal MP3's half the time from anywhere but itunes. Here's me actually thinking they might make this easy to prevent torrents. Why can't I buy MP3's just because I don't live in the US?

  2. @hefevice: The stores will have paid for US distribution rights but not international rights; we then can't buy from those outlets unless they purchase international distribution rights. For small markets, the cost of negotiating the rights might well be higher than the expected returns.