Monday 5 July 2010

How you got here

Top search terms leading folks to Offsetting Behaviour, according to Google Analytics.
  1. offsetting behaviour
  2. eric crampton
  3. luke malpass nbr
  4. cinnabon auckland [when oh when will we get a Cinnabon?]
  5. offsetting behavior [for those who like the Yankee spelling]
  6. offsetting
  7. auckland supercity
  8. nudge crampton
  9. political ignorance
  10. sarah silverman ted [will that video EVER be posted?]
  11. site: video [surprised anyone doing video searches here]
  12. eric crampton blog
  13. luke malpass kiwirail
  14. offsetting behavior ira borda count [not surprised folks are looking for that post; am surprised so many used that set of keywords]
  15. berl
  16. offsettingbehaviour
  17. transitional gains trap
  18. kiwi accent
  19. education and income
  20. hadcrut
  21. auckland super city
  22. wage discrimination
  23. "marsden jacob"
  24. "eric crampton" "land tax"
  25. rush offsetting behaviour
  26. sweatshops
  27. ticket scalping economics
And some fun ones from farther down the list:

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