Friday 2 July 2010

Social Credit

In case anyone needs reminding, social credit has indeed been debunked. Rather some time ago. But since it keeps popping up every now and again in various guise, it's worth posting up the debunking so anyone who needs it can read it. Here it is. A.J. Danks, "What everyone should know about social credit". Thanks to Paul who had it scanned in; apologies for the immense file size.

I've turned comments off for this piece. I've never done this before. Why am I doing it here? Because I don't want to argue with creditistas. I'm unwilling to do that except for reasonably high pay. And I don't want the comments filling up with crazy stuff. I'm reminded of the time Robin Hanson spent a couple of hours arguing with the LaRouchists on campus at Mason before finally concluding that they aren't truth seekers. I don't want to do that.

So if you've sent me an article for comment and it looks like social credit, I'm just going to say "that looks like social credit" and refer back to this post. I can provide more thorough critique of such articles and detailing exactly why they're wrong. But my minimum charge will be 10 hours at standard economic consulting rates. Because I really don't like looking at social credit stuff. But if whatever you're sending has front page lines basically saying "The whole economics profession is wrong except for me", just apply Bayes' rule and give your head a shake. That bit I'll give you for free. And the link above.