Monday 27 June 2011

More Shameless Advertising (UPDATED)

I noted here that the annual New Zealand Association of Economists annual conference was coming up (Wednesday to Friday this week at the Amora Hotel in Wellington). The final progamme is here.Tim Harford is leading off with the keynote address at 9:00 on Wednesday morning. It is possible to register on-site at the Amora Hotel, for either a single day or the full conference.

Also, as a first this year, Canterbury's Economics Department is hosting a function for former staff, alumni, and friends, at the Amora Hotel at 7:00pm on the Wednesday. This is in association with the conference but not part of it, so people not registered for the conference are welcome to attend. We don't have a good database of our former students, and so have not been able to contact all of them. So, dear friends and alumni, if you read this blog but have not been directly contacted about this event, we do love you and would love to see you there!

If interested, go the facebook link and click on "I'm Attending". And if you are a facebook user, go to our facebook page, and click "like". We hope to use this page as a way of maintaining contact with alumni and friends.


  1. Where do we sign up for the Function on wed night? Can't find details on the web. Sounds like a great idea.

  2. If anyone's holding back from attending for fear of seeing me there, don't. I'm only up for the Thursday; am trying to minimize the number of nights away from home/kids while there's reasonable risk of further 6+ shakes.

  3. Bugger. Would've been good to see you Eric!

    Let me know if you're free at some stage on Thursday for a beer/coffee.


  4. Anonmymous

    I have updated the post with a facebook link where you can sign up for the function.

  5. @Jeet: Catch me at one of my sessions!

  6. What happens if your neither an ex-student nor attending the conference? Can I still swing around & say hi? :) I promise not to drink any free beer :D

  7. James,

    I have only just got my internet access so this reply is late, but sure, swing by as a "friend" of the Department. You still have 10 minutes before it starts!