Sunday 19 June 2011

Random Thoughts on the Quake

1. Is God A Philistine? Further damage to the Cathedral and the Basilica; the chalice still standing. ANZ chambers completely destroyed (and its dome now stolen); the Government Life Building still standing. If there is a God with influence over geological events, I have to question His aesthetic judgement!

2. Rational versus Adaptive Expectations? Friends of ours in Wellington have suggested to use that we move there, permanently, to get away from earthquakes!

3. An apt metaphor. When I was finally allowed into my office after the Feb 22 quake, I was musing to myself about what the official responses and the spontaneous volunteer work had taught us about the advantages of decentarlised decision making. On entering my office, I found that literally only two things had fallen onto the floor: my copy of The Wealth of Nations, and, from my noticeboard, a New Hampshire licence plate with its motto, Live Free or Die!

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