Tuesday 23 August 2011

French folk songs

Post earthquake budgets at Canterbury remind me of some of the tunes I learned in music class.

You see, I went to a French-immersion elementary school in Manitoba.

We sang from a book called "Les 100 plus belles chansons". Almost invariably, the lyrics were of murder and death and cannibalism, usually to pleasant and upbeat tunes. Or at least those were the ones Mlle. Parent chose for us to sing to her in chorus. If there were non-cannibal non-death songs in there, I don't know about them.

I'm particularly remembering the one where a sailing crew had to draw straws to see who would be eaten when the food ran out: Il ├ętait un petit navire

Another greatest hit: The lament sung by a mother bird whose babies flew from the nest too early, fell, and were eaten by a fox: A la volette.

Good times....

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  1. You would think these sorts of songs would toughen French people up, but it doesn't seem to work, does it? Maybe it traumatises them forever? :-D