Saturday, 28 April 2012

A picture of commerce

Fleeming Jenkin illustrated barter exchange as a rather beautiful dance.


And here's a picture of one step of the commerce dance, in an international monetary economy: the production of a laptop computer.

Somebody ought to make a Sourcemap for a pencil.


  1. Of course the idea of a barter economy as taught by economics is a complete myth.

    Interview with David Graeber

    1. I'm a fan of Menger on the origins of money....

    2. Well I'll go away and read his essay. But to me it makes sense that credit existed well before any circulating 'token' of money. I thought David Graeber was quite insightful in the way he outlines how government/markets are essentially interdependant, contrast with the mainstream discussion today where it seems to be portrayed as govt v market.

    3. Listening to the interview now; thanks for it. Damned interesting. The paperback's now on pre-order from Book Depository.

    4. Yes I think I'll have to put the book on my list too.

      Made a few pennies drop for me as to what debt is, and although I haven't read too much libertarian stuff, it doesn't seem incompatible.

      The first youtube interview I found of this guy was "Conversations w/ Great Minds - Dr. David Graeber Debt", although I think the interview link above covers most of the material.

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