Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Price of Milk, revisted

Salient, the student newspaper at the University of Victoria of Wellington,* tries to get to the bottom of popular complaints about the price of milk.** Skimming this late at night, I missed the bits about reptilian Masonic conspiracies and only caught the nonsensical economic claims - nonsensical, but not off the scale relative to typical journalistic standards. So I was doing my usual head-shaking "none of those claims really make any sense..." bit when I came to this part:
At this stage I still had more questions than answers, but only had one more name on my list: a controversial right-wing economist, Nick Crampon. He was noted for writing in support of the failed policies of the 1980s, and just this week had blogged against raising the minimum wage. Still, I presented my findings to him for comment.

“Ummm…” He said, looking confused and uncertain, “Ummm… none of those claims really make any sense…” He then proceeded to draw a number of graphs which I found hard to follow.

Mr Cheice was not impressed.

“Well, he would say that, he’s an economist, a discredited pseudo-scientist. He even once said in his blog that Roger Douglas had done some things right. Absurd. Everyone knows that the Reptilians do nothing for the common man, only for their Lodge-mates!”
That guy Nick sounds dodgy. I'd avoid him.

* Sex Robot University

** For less satirical results, see TVHE and AntiDismal


  1. The article was very funny indeed. I predict that if Nick Crampon keeps on blogging one day will have a cameo appearance in The Simpsons (and in PBRF terms one appearance in The Simpsons = 4 papers in Nature).