Sunday 13 January 2013

Calling Inspector Jones of the Yard...

It's a bit sad that half the staff at the Hornby Police Station reportedly look to paranormal explanations for odd noises there at night. But if they didn't, we'd not have had the story. And without the story, we'd not have had this letter to the Christchurch Press on Friday.
It would be interesting if any older police officers who had used Hornby police station had passed away. A ghost is usually a holographic energy signature still hanging around, not the actual spirit itself.

The easiest way to clear up old energy residue is to send two lovers into the space and let them do their thing. Essentially it’s like rewriting a CD. Old energy is cleared while a new loving energy takes its place.

We are energy in resonance with a particular frequency – it’s science. Photons spiral around DNA. Remove the DNA and the photons are still there. How? The only rational scientific explanation is that there has to be an energy field that is paired up with the DNA molecule.

The Truth is Out There. It's Science!*

But at least the prescription is harmless.

And if I'm caught running a light in Hornby, I'm totally going to blame the ghost that was chasing the car.

* Why do I feel like I need 24 point font of various colours for this post?


  1. Probably the ghost of a criminal screwing a a Policelady. urg.

  2. That has to be one of the worst pieces of pseudo-scientific bollocks I've seen in a while.