Friday 25 January 2013

Small things that bring me joy

Ali Spagnola's come up with something that simultaneously ought to annoy the anti-alcohol brigade and trademark trolls. I love it.

Anyone who ran the Centurion as an undergrad will be familiar with the Power Hour variant: a shot of beer per minute for an hour. 

Ali came up with a fun bar/concert event based on it: she plays 60 one-minute songs, and the audience has a shot of beer at every song change. Great fun idea, right? It was, until a trademark troll ran her through the courts for three years. Why? He'd managed to get a trademark on "Power Hour" for a DVD version of that drinking game. The Amazon reviews are very poor; it looks like he did it only so that he could sue people otherwise using the term "Power Hour". The video's safe for work in reasonable places... she calls the trademark troll some names though.

According to Ali, it took three years and $30k to get the courts to fix this. If her account is right, something's broken.

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  1. bullshit , she don't look like she had a drink in her life, don't give us this wake up Eric