Saturday, 28 June 2014

Perfect lecturing t-shirts

Figures. The year that I'm leaving for a likely-to-require-a-suit job in Wellington, these absolutely perfect lecturing t-shirts come into existence. So frustrating.

Perfect for the Econ 336 lecture on Anarchy, the State of Nature, and Constitutional Political Economy, or for the grad version.

David Hume t-shirt from Monsters of Grok

But this would be a close runner-up:

Immanuel Kant t-shirt from Monsters of Grok

For my 224 lecture on the economics of drug prohibition, but only by allusion:

Werner Heisenberg t-shirt from Monsters of Grok

Anybody lecturing on Economics & Psychology would need this one, or just on rat choice:

B.F. Skinner t-shirt from Monsters of Grok

Intermediate micro with calculus? They've got you covered.

Leonhard Euler t-shirt from Monsters of Grok

Hitting a bit of philosophy of science?

Willard Van Orman Quine t-shirt from Monsters of Grok

I wonder whether they'd sell me ties with these designs....

Does the New Zealand Initiative do casual Fridays? I'll have to check....

Update: Seamus pines for a Locke t-shirt. As he lectures in a jacket and tie, we'll file this under "notional rather than effective demand".

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  1. They come in colours other than black! *swoon*