Friday 20 June 2014

Food of colonisation?!

The Māori Party weighs in on the anti-sugar brigade's latest campaign:
“In February this year, I had the honour of launching the discussion document to reduce sugar-sweetened beverage consumption in New Zealand,” says Tariana Turia, Māori Party Co-leader.
“Today we are pleased to endorse the six recommendations put forward by the panel, as an important platform for our ongoing policy in keeping whānau well.”
“As a party, we have promoted the view that excessive sugar intake is a social hazard. Consuming more than ten percent sugar in a daily food intake leads to a higher risk of dental problems as well as contributing to weight gain. We simply can’t afford to ignore a fatal addiction to sugar,” says Te Ururoa Flavell, Māori Party Co-leader.
“The Māori Party has championed a campaign to keep our families strong, healthy and intact by protecting them against activities or substances which are known to be hazardous to people’s health. Excessive sugar intake is another barrier to our health, as much as tobacco use, alcohol abuse and problem gambling harm.”
“I have talked to our families about sugar being the food of colonisation – a product which takes away from our abilities to focus on living healthily,” says Mrs Turia.
“We have already approached the National Government with a proposal to introduce excise tax on sugar sweetened beverages.
Sugar: the food of colonisation.

I understand that Civilisation VI, when it comes out, will have special sugar units that you can use to keep city-states compliant and to reduce rioting in cities you've just taken over. But only if you already have sugar as a resource and have worked them with plantations. And using too much sugar invites Godzilla attacks on the city later on.

Homer Simpson was right.

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