Thursday, 8 January 2015

Christchurch Food Trucks

Here's James Dann on some of the best and worst of Christchurch in 2014.
One day, as I left my house for work, there was a taco truck across the road. Literally straight across the road, sitting along in the wasteland of rubble and weeds where McKenzie and Willis used to be. I know that food trucks are very “on trend” at the moment, but here in Christchurch, they are more than just an excuse to sell overpriced burritos to hipsters; they’re a necessary part of the hospitality ecosystem. When cheap rentals are hard to find, and you don’t know where the demand is going to be in a still sparsely populated CBD, a semi-movable truck is the perfect solution.
Another 2014 highlight? The demise of Sutton:
Roger Sutton was always the happy face of a bad organisation; now he’s the creepy face of a bad organisation. With him gone, we can stop pretending that CERA are our benevolent overlords, just doing what’s best for the city, and see them are the reactive, unimaginative, bureaucratic brakes on the recovery that they really are.
I'd add one "worst of" to his list, that he was too modest to add: that Dann didn't win Ilam.

I see nothing in this piece with which I have any substantive disagreement.

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