Friday 27 February 2015

Charting the Minimum Wage

It's never enough, is it?

As reply to those clamouring for a higher minimum wage, after the National government just hiked it by $0.50 to $14.75, some charts from MBIE's advice on the minimum wage hike.

The minimum wage is 64.9% of the median wage and will rise to about 65-66% of the median wage depending on what comes out in the next Income Survey release. 

Update: Here's me quote at The NBR on the same topic.


  1. But since it involves human subjects (or at least might hurt their feelings), it would first have to be approved by a human ethics committee...

  2. I have a solution. Read tomorrow's post.

  3. Yes! That looks like more fun than my post-grad research. I hope it presses a lot of buttons.

  4. The study was about fare evasion.

    Not only is fare evasion a criminal offence under the transport legislation in Queensland, there are issues of offences under the criminal code for obtaining an advantage by deception.

    Obviously ethics committees provide cover for both illegal and criminal behaviour

  5. Josh Gans pointed to these laws.

    You weren't in Wellington when they used to have bus ticket inspectors. I don't think there's many of them left now that there is the snapper card.

    When the snapper card was introduced, not long after, nine drivers were fired because they'd been stealing the receipts from selling bus tickets for cash. The introduction of the snapper card allow their employers to work out how much was really received on particular routes. see