Thursday 5 February 2015

More declines in alcohol abuse

The latest Ministry of Health Alcohol Use Survey came out yesterday afternoon.

It shows:
  • Fewer adults drinking;
  • More drinkers drink only a couple times a week;
  • Drinking to intoxication is down;
  • Risky drinking has declined
  • Fewer people report having gone to work while under the influence of alcohol;
  • Fewer drinkers experienced injury due to drinking;
  • Fewer drinkers reported harm to their social life or friends;
  • Harms caused by others' drinking are down;
  • Fewer adults report having started drinking before age 15.
Reduced harms from drinking across the board.

Maybe when a report's so good that the usual screamers can't find anything to yell about, it just doesn't get covered.

But do remember it when next there's a push for clamping down harder on bar closing times, restricting outlet density, banning advertising and the like.


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