Monday 20 August 2018


Those keen on hearing a different kind of Canadian take on immigration and diversity from that which would have been provided a few weeks back in Auckland might hit this coming talk by Canada's Immigration Minister at Victoria University:
Managing Migration - The Canadian experience

27th Aug 2018 11:45am to 27th Aug 2018 1:00pm
Rutherford House Lecture Theater 2 (RHLT2)

The Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, is visiting at the invitation of the Government of New Zealand. In this public presentation, co-hosted by Victoria University of Wellington and the High Commission of Canada in New Zealand, Hussen will discuss Canada’s “managed immigration model”.

Canada’s approach to immigration is based on a multi-year plan for permanent immigrant admission levels and economic, family and humanitarian programs to grow Canada’s economy and contribute to an inclusive society. Through settlement services and partnership with community actors and all levels of government, Canada supports newcomers to fully participate in the economic, social, cultural and political life of Canada.

There will be an opportunity for a questions and answer session, followed by light refreshments once the talk concludes.


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