Monday, 11 March 2019

YIMBY - local bottle shop edition

The local Khandallah DVD shop finally closed down. We'd rented DVDs there roughly once a month - there's a lot of older stuff that just doesn't stream in New Zealand.* So, it looks like we'll have to drive out to Aro Video a bit more often for those things.

In its place, a bottle shop has applied for permission to open. The Council website provides a lot of ways for people to lodge objections but doesn't make any provision for those, like me, who'd like to say Yes In My Back Yard.

So I've mailed the following letter to their Objections address. I don't know whether it will do any good, but remain ever-hopeful.
Secretary of the District Licensing Committee
PO Box 2199
Wellington 6140

Re: Application of The Bottle-O Khandallah, 5 Ganges Road, Khandallah

Dear DLC,

I am writing in support of the application to open a bottle shop at 5 Ganges Road, Khandallah.

I have lived on Nicholson Road, an 8-minute walk from the proposed location, since 2014 with my young family. I am very happy with the excellent beer and wine selection at the local New World; I will be very happy to also have easier access to a local bottle shop. We otherwise do our spirits shopping at Moore Wilson or at Johnsonville, neither of which are particularly convenient.

I expect a Khandallah-based shop will provide a range and selection that suits the local market, and I will appreciate having access to that within an easy walk. Some might object that Ngaio or Johnsonville bottle shops are close enough and that one in Khandallah isn’t needed. Well, Ngaio has a butcher shop, but the Khandallah butcher shop runs a brisk trade; Johnsonville has two Countdowns but our New World also does well. A bottle shop in the village will do no harm and will be great for those, like me, who like to do our shopping while walking from home.

I also strongly urge that the DLC weigh customer access against the inevitable police or medical officer objections demanding more limited hours. Khandallah town centre runs until about 9pm; the application requests that the shop is open until 9pm. The shop should be allowed to run until 9pm, which matches the hours of the local New World. Professionals like me will often do their shopping after getting the kids to bed – so, in the 8-9pm period. I’m generally rushing through at a quarter to nine. Earlier closing times would be an undue burden.

Since the Council website provides a lot of information about how to object to things and no particular way for those who don’t want to object to make their views known, I thought it worthwhile to send in this note. I hope to be a happy customer of the shop, one of the countless moderate drinkers who impose no harm on anyone, who pay far more in excise than we should, and whose views are rarely heard when these sorts of applications are made.

Yes In My Back Yard, please. And perhaps consider making some changes to your consultation website so you might hear more from those of us who welcome things like this.


If we all start submitting in support of stuff that usually draws objection, maybe the equilibrium changes a bit.

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* We subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Neon, and Anime Lab. Egads but Neon is terrible.

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