Thursday 10 December 2020

Island logistics

I'm a bit curious about logistics over on the Islands now.

RNZ writes:

Ten containers of watermelons were scheduled to be shipped to New Zealand on 5 December.

However, the trucking companies assigned to transport the melons to the wharf in Tongatapu did not arrive to the growers' farms to pick up the produce, as RNZ Pacific Correspondent Kalafi Moala explained.

"The government, in particular the Ministry of Agriculture had organised for the trucks to come pick up the melons and so the fact that it didn't happen over the weekend, the responsibility falls back on them," he said.

Why is the Ministry of Agriculture responsible for organising freight logistics there?

If a grower contracts with a trucking company for critical deliveries like this, I'd have expected penalty clauses for failures. I have no clue what to expect when the Tongan government is intermediary.

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