Thursday 20 May 2021

Old Laws

Tyrone Barugh is having a bit of fun with an old regulation still on Wellington Council's books. A century ago, Wellington required that suppliers of milk have a council licence. The Wellington Milk Supply Act was never repealed. 

And Barugh wants to be the only permitted supplier, though he's a lawyer and presumably doesn't have any cows.

Now Barugh is taking his case before the High Court.

The act was a forerunner to more modern health and safety legislation brought in to control the conditions where milk was supplied to the public.

Later the milk supply moved from small local suppliers to big dairy companies.

Barugh said the council initially said the law was deprecated – a fancy legal term for the law no longer being valid.

However, Barugh said he did not think it could be and asked the council to consider his application in good faith, but it was declined.

So Barugh is taking the case further. .

“I can see why some people may consider this capricious, but it's a reminder that we have laws on the books that are not fit for purpose.”

Good fun, and making a point. A lot of rules ought to come with sunset clauses, so if Council or Parliament don't bother re-upping them, they could just go away. 

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