Sunday 19 July 2009


It turns out I do have a Canadian accent.
Which American accent do you have?


People from outside North America probably think you're from the States, but over here we wouldn't make such a mistake.

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I wonder what the quiz would do with the Kiwis. They need a few questions like
  • Do these two words sound identical: "pawn", "porn"
  • Do these two words rhyme: "morse", "sauce"

HT: Book of Joe.


  1. I think Question 11 is where they draw a bead on you (my regional accent doesn't contain a very strong Canadian Raising, but I had to admit that "about" doesn't quite rhyme with "loud"). I've found that people from outside North America are not necessarily less subtle detectors of Canadian accents than either Canadians or Americans.

  2. It says I have a Northeastern accent: This could either mean an r-less NYC or Providence accent or one from Jersey which doesn't sound the same. Just because you got this result doesn't mean you don`t pronounce R's.(People in Jersey don`t call their state "Joisey" in real life)

  3. Apparently, despite being a born and bred Wellingtonian, I have a Southern accent. This is less surprising than any other American accent; more than once I've caught myself saying "daown" for "down".