Thursday 9 July 2009

Welcome Hogan

I started blogging about four months ago now. So far it's been a solo act, and it's been a lot of fun. As my teaching semester rapidly approaches, it looks to be about time for me to take on a partner. And so, welcome Seamus Hogan. Seamus has the big office down the end of the hall here at the Canterbury Economics Department.

With apologies to Marginal Revolution, here is a simple guide for the potentially perplexed:
  • References to cricket/rugby/separating hyperplanes. Seamus.

  • References to Knight Rider/Rush/hyperdrives. Eric.

  • A simple question answered with an obscure and complex analogy from Shakespeare. Seamus.

  • A complex question answered with a quick simplistic regression from at-hand data. Eric.

  • Finally, contrary to the distinction between Alex and Tyler, I have every hope that you'll know exactly what both of our posts mean and that we'll both make you mad as hell.
If it helps in reading our posts, imagine mine being spoken very quickly in a generic Ameri-Canadian accent, while Seamus's are spoken more slowly, in a precise Kiwi accent, but with an extra R in the word "fravorite", every time.

Welcome Seamus! We don't know if it'll be a long stint or a short one as yet; we'll see how things go.

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