Thursday 31 December 2009

Let the irrational exuberance commence!

Bruce Robertson of the Hospitality Association of New Zealand writes in Canterbury Today (sorry, no link I'm aware of):
The Berl report has been picked up as a rallying cry for action by evangelists and public health lobby, and by action they mean intervention, controls on liquor outlets, hours of operation, location of outlets and huge price hikes.

The Berl report, which estimates the cost of alcohol to the New Zealand economy at $4.8 billion, has now been absolutely discredited by two economists...

...despite the report being completely discredited, the $4.8 billion figure will continue to be quoted. Secondly, and more importantly, it raises the question of the research influencing policy.

That the Berl report was commissioned and funded by the Ministry of Health and ACC is in itself an absolute disgrace.
Indeed (hit the BERL tag, below, if you've not been following the ongoing saga.)

Enjoy your New Year's libations! And remember: if you consume more than 4 standard drinks -- less than two pints of beer -- you're by definition irrational according to BERL. Let the irrational exuberance commence!

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