Monday 28 December 2009

We now resume our regularly scheduled service

Apologies for the interruption of service. Google's anti-spam bots decided that this blog was spam.

Google's bots can of course have type I and type II error; if they're on the frontier, they can only trade off killing real blogs against failing to kill spam blogs. I would have thought, though, that an efficient algorithm would weigh at least somewhat a site's Google PageRank. Offsetting is PR6: one below the University of Canterbury's main site (PR7). If a spam blog can get to 6, then something's wrong with PageRank.

We now resume our regularly scheduled service. I hope to pass my future Turing tests.


  1. PageRank is only one of many quality signals that Google uses for ranking nowadays. It was a great signal when Google was new, but it is no longer the primary determinant of quality.

  2. If spam can get to 6, then the bot's decision makes more sense.

    Reasonably impressed with Google's turnaround time, on the whole. I noticed the blog was down around 1:30 Monday afternoon my time (4:30 Sunday afternoon PST); put in the review request, then back up about 6 PM my time. So same day on a US Sunday between Christmas and New Year's. Decent.