Friday 25 June 2010

Anarchist materials?

NORML's put up the results of their OIA request for correspondence and documentation held by Internal Affairs regarding their NORML News magazine.

It's reasonably clear that the police were the ones seeking that the magazines be referred to the censor's office. But the notes from the meeting of Internal Affairs with some police officers 31 March 2010 are a bit odd. Here's my transcription of the relevant bit.
General cleanup
  • anarchist material
  • meth books
  • Hamilton etc.
Now I've been to Hamilton so I can't disagree much with the last line. Hamilton could use a cleanup. But what were they on about noting "anarchist materials"? Any guesses? It's at page 3 of the pdf linked above. Why would the New Zealand Police be talking with the Department of Internal Affairs about "anarchist material"?

NORML discusses the referral to the censor's office here.

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