Thursday 24 June 2010

Penn & Teller on nudges and fat taxes

Penn & Teller cover fat taxes and anti-obesity campaigns in exactly the language I'd be using over a beer rather than in a family-friendly blog.

[Update: Note that the embedded video below only shows up on the main site, not in the RSS feed. Apologies.]

I like how his panel accurately guesses the calorie count of fast food but underestimates the calorie count by about half when the same food is presented as having come from a non-fast food restaurant. So it's not at the fast food restaurants that folks are particularly underestimating calorie content.

The anti-fast food campaigners are pretty explicit: stigmatize fast food to shift public sentiment to favour fat taxes and zoning regulations. Tobacco was first, alcohol's there now, fast food is next up.

And, for those who've always been confused about the placement of the apostrophe in Carl's Junior, you'll have your answer.

HT: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist.

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