Friday, 11 June 2010

And so the grader becomes the graded

The AirNZ Blog Awards evaluation of Offsetting Behaviour:
Offsetting Behaviour
Some fascinating discourses - as much for the aloof economist-cum-robot perspective than the dry mechanics of the argument itself. The defence of sweatshops was disturbingly compelling. The reason for not supporting murder - "I care about the external costs. " - less so. —TS [Tim Selwyn]
Disturbingly compelling. I like that. And no apologies on my stance on murder: with my economist's utilitarian hat on, it's all about the external costs. I'm with David Friedman (see p. 230-1 here) on this: if we can't show that laws against murder pass rational cost-benefit analysis, what's the point of the law and economics approach? Of course, when I take off my economist's hat, I have other reasons for opposing murder. But I aim at efficiency when I've the econo-robot hat on. I'm well aware that lots of folks may well disagree with the rights-based positions I'd take when I put my libertarian hat on instead of my economist hat, and so I throw out all of those positions when I'm the econo-robot and do my best to aim at wertfreiheit.
Really good technical blog on Inuit design (seriously). His defence of sweat shops was amusing, I'm surprised he included such a debunked critique of BERL's harm of alcohol which BERL responded to by claiming 1) it misinterprets the study’s brief and, on this basis, employs an inappropriate framework for its analysis, 2) makes some simple, factual errors about our method and the information used and 3) uses assumptions with a cost-deflating bias, reflecting their own world view. His post on ticket scalping was genuinely fascinating, top 10 post. —MB [Martyn "Bomber" Bradbury]
I'd of course point to my rather thorough rejoinder to BERL's reply. BERL may well reckon that they debunked us, but I've had enough private chats with Treasury folks suggesting rather the opposite.

Of the nominees, MacDoctor, Gonzo, Kiwipolitico, Liberation, NotPC, HomePaddock, KiwiBlog, No Minister and Public Address are favorites. Of course, you'd know that as they show up in my shared items feed.

Congrats of course to the winners: DimPost in particular is very nice.

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