Thursday 9 September 2010

Duelling maps

Crowdsourcing yesterday brought us MapQuake. Today brings us the more official one from ECan.

I'll be curious to see which proves the more reliable: the once sourced from official stats, or the one that's crowdsourced.


  1. Here's a goodie:

  2. In this case I don't think there will be much difference on reliability; however, the crowdsourced one seems more comprehensive. Most business owners have an incentive to add the status of their premises (open) to the crowdsourced map.

    I have a question for you: heritage building owners are being asked not to demolish their damaged buildings. If I were the owner I would not want to bear the cost of salvaging the building. As a taxpayer I rather have better services (hospitals, schools or whatever) than a patched up building. So, who should bear the cost?

  3. @Luis: If Council wants to force the owners of heritage buildings to keep them up, Council should bear the cost; that means local ratepayers. Then voters tell Council whether that's the best use of funds.