Thursday 2 September 2010

Very bad news

This just in by all-staff email:
Dear Colleagues,

I received notice a short while ago that Peter Kennedy passed away suddenly from a heart attack. Peter was a two-time Erskine Fellow, and a regular visitor to the department. He gave one of the keynote addresses at this year's NZAE meetings.

This is quite a shock, as Peter was in excellent health.

Anybody who knows Peter knows that he gave graciously of his time to help both individuals and the department in things econometrics and otherwise.

The department will send flowers and condolences to his wife, Nancy.

I am very sorry to pass on this very sad news.

This is indeed terrible news. I've loved having Peter pop in occasionally; he's provided very useful help whenever I've had a tricky econometric question. He's going to be missed by everybody here, and by economic students around the world who've gone to his textbook whenever they couldn't understand what the heck Green was going on about. Peter was a gentle soul and will be missed.


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