Tuesday 19 July 2011

Four Christchurcheans

I complain that the toilet blocks in our barracks aren't heated.

Susan (wife) replies: Toilet block? We're using a portaloo in the parking lot; council won't fix the pipes under the building for months.

A good sixth of Christchurch: Quit your whining; at least you can flush the loo at your house!

And we descend into the Pythonesque...

Apparently the toilets at the South City Mall are about the only working ones for a reasonable section of town. You'd think this would be a selling point: get the punters in to use the facilities; sell them a coffee and a doughnut. Working toilets as loss leader. But, again only by reports, the cleaning staff there really aren't keeping up with demand for the facilities; Susan prefers the portaloo that's cleaned regularly to the nice warm one a 5 minute walk away that, well, isn't.

Those of you in less earthquake-munted parts of the world give a silent moment's thanks for working sewerage...


  1. It would be important to make clear a few things, particularly to your international readership:
    - The Western side of the city is fully functional, including toilets.
    - Most academics in the university are working in their normal offices. We reserve barracks for economists and accountants.
    - It is clear that Eric really, really, really values his freedom; at least enough to put up with substandard toilet facilities.

  2. I should have been clearer that the South City mall is only servicing the folks in that part of downtown. And yes, chemical toilets are only on the east side of town. I'm not sure that my guess (from eyeballing the Council maps) that I had the proportion that far out.

    The toilet block is seriously cold though. Not that I get any sympathy for it at home from those putting up with portaloos.

    On plus side, eqc is visiting tomorrow morning!