Saturday 30 July 2011

Promising signs

Christchurch's IT community is leading the move back downtown with plans to build an IT hub at the corner of Tuam and Manchester.

This has been in the works for rather a few months, co-led by Wil over at Stickmen Studios. Google's on board with help from Canterbury alumnus Craig Nevill-Manning, who might send you embarrassing pictures of Seamus from the early 90s if you ask him politely; Craig is son of Seamus's former advisor, Professor Richard Manning.

Three cheers for the rebuild! Downtown needs a few really great anchor projects like this one.

Here's EPIC's proposal. Here's Council's press release.

About time we start getting some good news. Congrats Wil and team for steering it through this far; I'll look forward to seeing it completed!

I'm still also hoping for a Christchurch Ikea.... For some reason, the old post here linked has been getting a lot of traffic. I hope that foreshadows good things to come. iPredict opened a market on a Christchurch Ikea Friday afternoon; trading's hovered around the 18% mark. I'm mildly long based only on the uptick in blog traffic.

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