Wednesday 6 July 2011

Sad irony

From The Press:
Police are investigating whether a sign warning pedestrians about a new bus route may have contributed to the death of Wellington jogger Venessa Green by blocking her view.

Ms Green, 40, of Newtown, was struck by a bus in the new lane outside Wholly Bagels in Willis St a week ago. She died in Wellington Hospital the following night.

Yesterday two police officers from Wellington's serious crash unit were surveying the scene of the accident.

They were paying special attention to a large "Buses Coming This Way" sign, put up by Wellington City Council, before the bus route was introduced in November last year.

"We are investigating any obstructions that may have been on the footpath and may have prevented her getting a clear view behind," Constable Glenn Marshall said.

In January, the council moved an information sign in Manners St after bus route activist Benjamin Easton complained that it blocked pedestrians' view of the street. The council agreed it could have blocked the view of any pedestrians opting to jaywalk.
The sign warning pedestrians about buses tragically blocked the pedestrian's view of the oncoming bus.

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  1. Only in Wellington could "bus route activist" be used as a serious description of a person.