Wednesday 16 October 2013

Drug dealers and the minimum wage

Steve Levitt demonstrated that low-ranking Chicago gang members earned less than minimum wage. Why did they get involved? In hopes of moving up the food chain. Tournament games invite excess investment.

I wonder whether New Zealand meth dealers also earn less than minimum wage.

Sharna Butcher was sentenced today for conspiring to sell methamphetamine. She is also the Unite Union South Island organiser. Here's 3 News:
Ms Butcher is well-known around the South Island, having both organised and attended several protests across this year. She attracted media attention in May after blocking the drive through to a McDonald's restaurant in Dunedin while lobbying for better pay rates and guaranteed hours for workers.
Do meth dealers earn a living wage? What are their hours like?

Do unions pay so little that their organisers are forced to deal drugs to make ends meet?

I think we need a Campbell Live investigation of working conditions for those working for the unions.

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