Thursday 10 October 2013

For a Tullock Nobel

Question 2 on the take-home exam my undergraduate students in public choice are now writing:
On Monday, the Nobel Committee will announce the 2013 Nobel Prize in Economics. In a half page, explain why Gordon Tullock deserves to get it this year. For extra credit, if you wish, when you’ve finished all of the rest of the exam, you may provide me with as many pages as you like at the end of the exam discussing what sorts of punishments should be inflicted upon the Nobel Committee if they again fail to give Tullock the prize. [no more than one point extra credit, no matter how creatively excellent your suggestions]
It's part of the short-answer section, so they have to be very concise. Comments closed as I do not wish that sample answers here be provided while my students are completing their exam. However, readers are encouraged to think about what should be done to the Nobel Committee if the current situation persists. Appropriate Tullockean punishments only.

Posting has been light in this, the last week of classes. The grading mountain is getting smaller, but things keep getting added to it.