Friday 11 October 2013

Markets in Everything: Raw Milk Vending Machines

For the "I love NZ" files:
Oxford farmers Geoff and Sandra Rountree will start selling the controversial beverage through a refrigerated vending machine at their farm gate this week.
The Rountrees are franchisees of raw milk company Village Milk, which has developed a network of six vending machines around New Zealand in just over a year. Managing director Richard Houston said his franchisees were the only certified raw milk suppliers in the country.
New Zealand has vending machines where you can buy raw milk. Google Image Search found me this picture of one. Here's another story on it.

The Christchurch Press article notes that Oxford, a small town half an hour from Christchurch, will be getting a vending machine this week. Excellent.

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  1. okay. germany has them too (click on the milchautomat link)