Thursday 25 March 2010

Let's put the economists in charge

Freakonomics hosts a very nice podcast on just how much better the world would be if only the economists ran things. Interviewees include Russ Roberts, Patri Friedman, and the former Prime Minister of Estonia. A brief write-up on it here. Enjoy!

I love this Levitt bit:
Politicians have to say and do things that they think other people will like, whereas economists don't have enough social skills usually to actually realize that the things that they say and do offend others.

I cannot remember going to a party with my wife where after we left she didn't chide me for the fact that I had insulted or berated or challenged someone in a way that was completely and utterly beyond the social norm. And I had no idea. And every single time we go (we don't go to that many parties), I am amazed when she tells me that at this party, just like the last one, I did something wrong.
Glad I'm not the only one! Susan and I squirm when watching Curb Your Enthusiasm for rather different reasons...I keep thinking of the cases where I've been within cooee of whatever Larry David's up to, and Susan of course sympathizes then with Larry's long-suffering wife....

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