Friday 5 March 2010

One year anniversary

Offsetting Behaviour launched a year ago; it's time for a roundup for newer readers. Here are some of my favourite posts and some of yours, as judged by Google.

First, your favorite posts. Google Reader tells me folks especially "liked" these ones:

Google Analytics tells me these are the most viewed, in descending order:
  1. Fun searches in Wolfram Alpha
  2. Atlas Moment? Not according to Google Search Insights
  3. Markets in Everything: The restaurant where you get what the last guy ordered; you order and pay for the next guy.
  4. Rent seeking in academia: the costs of vetting NSERC grants is excessive
  5. Economics of ticket scalping: Trent Reznor edition
  6. IQ and stock market participation: smarter folks participate more and have better-diversified portfolios.
  7. My rant against the anti-sweatshop movement
  8. The one day a week restaurant
  9. Explaining the masthead
  10. Gollum psychoanalyzed

And here are a few that I rather liked, but you didn't.
I'll eventually get around to putting my favourites of these up as a sidebar. It's been a fun year; thanks for reading!


  1. Congrats. Always a good read from the other side of the world. :-)

  2. Dawkins discussed the "cleaner fish" in "The Selfish Gene". The sight of the cleaners seems to send the big fish into a trance. Some other fish look like cleaners and take the opportunity to take a bite out of the bigger fish's fin.

  3. Happy first birthday and thanks for the interesting reading.