Tuesday 2 March 2010

Sarah Silverman at TED

Will Chris Anderson ever post the TED footage? Here's what he says today.
Just fyi, there are 120 talks to choose from to post from TED2010. Each one is shot by 9 cameras and it's major work to edit and prepare for posting. So far we've posted 8 and will continue to post 2-3 per week for the foreseeable future, favoring those that were rated highest by the audience. The rave response to talks from Temple Grandin, Jamie Oliver, Daniel Kahneman, Bill Gates, Philip Howard, etc suggests we're on the right track. In a typical year we end up posting around two-thirds of the content before great new content from the next conference takes priority.
I appreciate the desire among some readers of this thread in seeing Sarah's performance, but please understand that that may not be shared by the bulk of the TED.com audience. It's the latter that has to guide our release timing decisions.

Thanks, all, for taking the time to write.
Silverman's performance is the only one from TED I'm particularly keen on seeing. For all the others, I'd far sooner skim through a paper or two of their actual research rather than watching a podcast. I can't bear to watch most podcasts: they're too slow and I can't skim. And watching Jamie Oliver at all makes me nauseous.

But the Silverman performance would have to be watched in full to be appreciated. To have been in the audience for that performance, in the middle of all of the puffy "aren't we all great people for caring about great things and wanting so badly to save the world" talks...would have been glorious. And of course that does make it less likely that Anderson will post the video.

Silverman gave the single best rendition of the joke on The Aristocrats, bar none. Why Chris Anderson expected her to give a talk that wouldn't offend more than half her audience, I don't understand.

Hey: if it's the work involved in processing feed from the nine cameras, just upload the raw footage and crowd-source the editing! I somehow doubt that that's the binding constraint.

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