Friday 26 March 2010

Small delights [updated2]

Wandering downtown Christchurch last weekend, we found a wooden shipping container on the pedestrian mall just outside of Alice in Videoland. Two men were prying the front open with crowbars. We of course stopped to see what was going on. When the front of the container opened, a three-man alt-country band inside started playing. After a couple of tunes, they slowly moved outside of the box, using the box-front as an impromptu stage (the acoustics were, unfortunately, better when they were playing from inside of the box). After a half-hour or so, they retreated inside the box, played one more song, and the same men again nailed shut the front of the box.

Ira danced enthusiastically through much of the performance.

They never announced themselves, explained anything, or even spoke a word to the audience. Just music.

I love Christchurch....

Update: Apparently it was an art project. Sue sends me the link. Ira sits appreciating the show on the right hand side of this picture.

Update2: The band is "The Unfaithful Ways". Their debut video is here. Their MySpace page is here. I rather like "I Can't Get Your Cruel Love Off My Mind".

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