Sunday 13 February 2011


Nine years ago, I was walking with Gordon Tullock from Carow Hall over to Buchanan House for a talk. I'd been invited to his 80th birthday party and consequently found out that he and I shared a birthday - the 13th of February. So I said, "Gordon, I hear we have something in common." Gordon replied in a threatening tone, "Well, we'll have to do something about that then, won't we." The rest of the story is here, along with links to other Tullock tales.

This year I've an additional reason to celebrate: I've joined him as a member of the Mont Pelerin Society.

I expect if the news reached Gordon, he'd speculate about whether it would be easier to have me expelled or shot. Or maybe he'd resign in disgust at the declining standards.


  1. Congratulations on the membership and many happies for the birthday. You're a day older - and several years younger - than me.

  2. My guess is Gordon would go for all three!! He would have you expelled then shot and then resign in disgust at the declining standards. Any news on how he is?

  3. Happy Birthday! May that J-curve help to see you have many more.

  4. Happy belated Birthday.

    For the same reason I'm hoping its easier to organise that you get shot than me get thrown out of MPS. :)