Sunday 27 February 2011

It's the little differences.

Sue's boss goes into their building to get Sue's computer so she can keep working before the engineers check the building.

She was hard core on the VPN till late.

Canterbury bosses insist we keep all files on the university file server but won't let an IT tech in to reboot the server till God comes down and signs some form declaring the building safe. So eighty staff from the College at a standstill.


  1. Hey Eric,

    Are you on Dropbox ( yet? Not sure if I sent you an invite. VERY nice seamless file syncing between machines. I've been running it from home, laptops and my phone. HIGHLY recommended. First 2 gig are free, with bonuses for any friends you invite. I've actually upgraded to the 50gb/year because it works THAT nicely. I store a ton of stuff on there that I reach from anywhere.

    My referral link:

    If you use my link we both get an additional 500M free each.

    It doesn't help with policy but does make for nice file sharing between machines, friends and family.


  2. Sorry to hear that you are one of the poor souls still trusting university IT. I second Dropbox, which we have been using with colleagues at the university. Besides backup you get simple file versioning for free.

  3. IT in our college actually is awesome. They just can't get in the building.

  4. God is trying his best, God loves you Eric,
    but he has to wait on the megalomaniac Bob Parker and Civil Defence paranoia to give the go ahead, and this will happen when you bow deeply at his name