Sunday 20 February 2011

Whose dollar do you have?

Moe the Bartender objected to that his money, meant to be at the bank, was in Bill's house and Fred's house; punches followed.

But if most dollars are just ledger entries at a bank, who's to say that one of those accounting units didn't enter the banking system when, say, Bill Gates deposited his first Microsoft paycheque? Or maybe you have the dollar that payed the hitman who killed Jimmy Hoffa. Whose money is all in your account? Would you care? Is it better to have money that had a history?

Wondermark cares.
The alt-text on this one, at original source, says "A fiat currency deserves a fiat history". Go read the whole series.

It's a shame that the local newspaper has such terrible comics. The opportunity costs are high.

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