Thursday 17 February 2011


Departmental email:
Ann is starting to prepare a schedule of earthquake remediation. Every office on this floor will be affected whether it is earthquake damaged or not. It has been decided that those offices that do not require earthquake repairs will be completely repainted. The worst-case scenario is that it will take two weeks to complete this work with a best outcome prediction of 10 days. All furniture will be pushed to the centre of rooms so obviously no-one will be able to work in their office while it is being worked on. Bookcases will also have to be cleared. The offices down the end of the corridor (that is the end from the kitchen!) will be worked on first.

Staff with laptops will be encouraged to work from home. Those who can’t will have to be housed elsewhere but where that is hasn’t been decided.

This means that courses and tutorials taught on this floor will have to be rescheduled elsewhere. There is talk that PhD students and Hons students will be housed in a prefab.
There is ONE crack in the paint in my office. It extends from the ceiling down to the window, then from the window down to the floor. I really don't mind its being there. My bookcases are overflowing. This will cost me half a week, minimum.



  1. ...insanity later! Good luck George! hahahehehe

    -Lloyd (UC Remediation Team)

  2. I would assume on receiving an email like that that it was a joke. The giveaway is: "It has been decided that those offices that do not require earthquake repairs will be completely repainted." Please tell me this is what counts as protest in the Economics Department at Canterbury earthquake largesse...?

  3. It's bringing forward maintenance that would be required sometime down the track. It's a bit odd that they plan on:
    1) doing it during term time
    2) painting behind bookcases that have backing sheets on them such that you can't see the wall behind anyway.