Saturday 30 April 2011

Appreciating little bits of freedom

It's good to stop every now and then to appreciate things.

We take for granted in Christchurch that you can run a few chickens in the back yard and sell the eggs. Our back neighbours have a few chooks; folks the next block over sometimes have a sign out advertising surplus eggs for sale.

In lots of cities in the States, you'd be fined for keeping chickens. Here's Christchurch's very sensible alternative:
While you can keep poultry / birds on your residential property, if you can't control your rooster's crowing at unreasonable times (prior to 7am), it will need to be removed from your property.
In Canada, you'd likely be in trouble with the egg marketing monopoly for selling the eggs even if you were in a place that allowed backyard chickens.

We've no plans to keep chickens. But I like that our neighbours have that freedom.


  1. Most of us roosters don't give a rats arse what Council says Eric,

  2. Chickens are good for the kiddies to learn about keeping animals and economics - one of the few pets that pay for themselves ...

  3. We'd have no problem with running some chickens. But there's no good spot in our yard.