Friday 1 April 2011

Selling Out

In today's Inbox:
Hi, I am interested in purchasing your blog .

I represent a firm that purchases entire blogs, that is, the URL as well as the content of the blog. We use these blogs to improve the search engine rankings of our clients.

Our firm requires that the blog has correct English and grammar. It must have original content (not duplicate content from other blogs or websites) as well as having no pornography or other distasteful content. In addition, the blog must be able to be found on Google.

If you are interested in selling your blog(s), please reply with your URL(s) as well as your asking price(s). An actual offer for your blog would happen after a detailed analysis of it that showed that it met all of our criteria.

Below is the typical pricing (in US dollars) based on the PageRank of your blog:

PageRank 1 - from $200. to $300.
PageRank 2 - from $250. to $400.
PageRank 3 - from $340. to $575.
PageRank 4 - from $475. to $700.
PageRank 5 - from $625. to $1,000.

You can contact me at XXXXX.
As Offsetting Behaviour has Google PageRank of 6, I suppose I could expect somewhere between $900 and $1500.

Consequently, expect future posts on the merits of various financial services companies, hot stock tips, and bargains on foreign exchange trades.

American readers ought note the dateline means NZ is a day ahead for April 1st. But the email is real. I wonder how many folks do sell out. If I were selling not only the URL but also the rights to the content herein (from which I then could be excluded), I rather suspect my willingness to accept is much higher than anyone else's willingness to pay.

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