Wednesday 27 April 2011

We don't really want to know

I expect few people will sign up for this service. But Robin Hanson might.
As humans, we naturally want to know what others think of us, either to boost our egos or to help us know what skills we need to work on. puts the concept of brutal honesty to the test by letting you post opinions from those who know you, without revealing who says what. Basically, wants to help you answer that age-old question:
"What do people think of me, really?"
Create a profile, blast your social networks, connect with friends (and critique them too)!

Don't worry, you can easily make your profile completely private so you're the only one that can see your feedback.
HT: LifeHacker.

CatBert, the evil HR director, would recommend that the Pointy Haired boss set up two dozen different accounts on and send a different profile to each of his employees. Then use the results in setting the tone for their annual performance reviews.

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