Saturday 17 October 2009

Ban the cheques

Colby Cosh says ban the cheques. Putting party logos on federal government cheques for community projects ... very distasteful.
The fact is that our system of government allows MPs on the side that has the confidence of the House to engage in feudalism. This is the only appropriate term for a structure whereby communities and organizations are encouraged to display fealty to a person, and subsequently receive reciprocal benefits directly from his hand. It has been a feature of every Canadian government, whether Liberal or Conservative, and I suppose there might even be some things to say in its favour. It is certainly what the vassals expect; it is, at root, the feudal instinct that makes voters ask what their MP has done for them lately, or why the government isn't "doing something" to help a particular region or industrial sector.
I'd previously commented on the story here.

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