Friday 16 October 2009

End of semester

On my drive in to work this morning, around 8:30, I saw:
  • Students 3 miles from campus dressed as bumblebees standing in the traffic median waving a placard saying "You honk we drink" (yes I honked)
  • The Queen of Hearts and a Knave each with a bottle of what looked like Lindauer Brut wandering away from campus
  • Many more students in various costumes with various drinks wandering towards the Student Union building, where the tents were already set up and where the music was starting
It must be end of semester. I admire their enthusiasm for early morning starts, but I do wish it were also shown for early morning lectures.

But, by definition, any of them who consume more than 1.8 pints will not have enjoyed any of the day's festivities. The smiles on their faces are illusions.


  1. Makes it much easier to find a seat in the law library too!

    As I type this, I can see 3 guys outside who are either Middle Eastern veiled dancers or fairies. It's a bit ambiguous from this distance!

  2. I saw an excellent Megatron costume on my way back from lunch at the staff club.